viernes, 13 de abril de 2007

Unit 15 * Biographies. Drawing a time line and telling about my life and the life of someone I admire.

I’m Maria Moreno.
I was born Maracaibo,
I live in San Francisco

My abilities is, dance and


My graduation to bachelor in Science
(U.E.San José de calazan)


I’m to begin studied mass media


In the present,
2nd semester student
at mass media In URBE University

I’m Maria Moreno, I was born Maracaibo, I live in San Francisco, in 1988.
My abilities are dance and cooked “is my life”.
My graduation to bachelor in science in U.E.san José De calazant, in 2004
I’m to begin studied mass media at URBE, in September 2006 and in the present, 2nd semester student at mass media at URBE University
Unit 14 * Last Weekend. Composition about what I did last weekend.

On Saturday morning, I slept. I had to clean the house.
On Saturday afternoon, I watched TV and went to the cyber.
On Saturday night, I visited my boyfriend and talked all the night.

On Sunday morning, I studied English.
In the afternoon, I visited my friends in Maracaibo.
At night, my boyfriend and I went to de cinema. My last weekend was a delicious and great.
6. Unit 13* you cant mi street

Is between libertador and 5july Avenue, and from the zoological

Restaurant new world
Is on the corner of Park Street and Libertador Avenue.

Is behind the pharmacy

Is on5 July Avenue

Post office
Is next to the restaurant
Unit 12 * At the doctors! Dialogue dramatization.

Maria: Hello, Good morning.
Maria: Of course it is, please wait one moment
Maria: in here matter, dicitel, postan and tachipirin
Maria: noting else
Maria: not at all, thank you for her shopping and get well soon


Unit 11 * Festivities! Mind map of a celebration. A composition about your favorite celebration.

Hello, my name’s Maria Eduviges Moreno Molleda.
My favorite month is November, because is my birthday. My is the Friday because is relax.
My birthday it’s on November 14 1988.

the sports and ability

Unit 10 * Talents and sports. Show and tell... a composition about talents and sports.

My composition.....

Hello, my name’s Maria Moreno, My ability is dance, singer and border.
My favorite sports are the volleyball, football and tennis; because some educative.

1. Unit 9 * Broccoli is good for you. Draw your food pyramid and write a composition about food.

Very little
Fish, Potato chip’s, Plantain

Rice, noodles,Coffee with milk and pork

A lot
Pasta, Salads, Ricotta cheese, Fruit, Beef and chicken, Broccoli and coliflor

I love eating. I eat vegetables, chicken, cheese, beef and fruit.
Sometimes I eat some rice; I usually eat a little of fish.
The food I love is chocolate, pasta and cream.
I don’t like rice and carrots because they are awful for me.
I Think. It’s healthy and delicious.